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GATE TITAN II Bluetooth V2 Expert Drop-In Programmable MOSFET Module


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GATE TITAN II Bluetooth® V2 Expert Drop-In Programmable MOSFET Module for AEG

Advanced Technology Integration: The TITAN II sets a new benchmark in airsoft technology, featuring Bluetooth® 5.2 for seamless connectivity. This cutting-edge technology offers intuitive control of your AEG's settings, telemetry, and compatibility with smartwatches and the GATE Ecosystem, presenting a futuristic approach to airsoft gaming.

Precision Trigger Sensor: Redefining trigger responsiveness, the TITAN II comes equipped with an optical trigger sensor, enabling hair-trigger adjustments with unprecedented precision. With 50 sensitivity levels within the first millimeter of movement, this module offers the most refined control over your AEG's trigger, ensuring an edge in fast-paced scenarios.

Innovative Gear Sensor: A first in the world, the gear sensor not only counts gears but also detects their rotation direction. This feature provides unrivaled cycle control, enhancing the reliability and performance of your AEG during intense battles.


  • Bluetooth® 5.2 Low Energy for enhanced connectivity
  • Compatibility with iOS, Android, macOS, Windows devices for versatile control
  • Firmware updates and upgrades for continuous improvement
  • Trigger Sensitivity Adjustment: Easy adjustments via GATE Control Station App; no disassembly needed.
  • Selector Modes: Multiple modes including SAFE, SEMI, BINARY, BURST (Full/Interruptible), AUTO, and SEMI RAMPING.
  • Pre-Cocking: Enhances trigger response with AUTO and MANUAL Modes. Note: May increase gearbox wear.
  • Automatic Pre-Cocking: Offers high, mid, or low settings for optimized performance.
  • Magazine Simulation: Simulates real-cap magazines with adjustable capacities and reload times. Includes Low Ammo Warning in advanced firmware.
  • ROF Control: Customizable rate of fire with Adaptive, Manual PWM, Manual Delay, and Manual Delay + PWM settings.
  • Smart Trigger: Faster initial trigger response with subsequent shots at a programmed ROF. Ideal with high-voltage batteries.
  • Battery Protection & Warnings: Protects against over-discharge with low battery alerts.
  • Active Brake: Adjustable motor braking power, enhancing gearbox lifespan.
  • Cycle Detection: Ensures complete gear cycles with automatic BURST and Pre-Cocking settings.
  • Diagnostics & Updates: Troubleshoot issues and easily update firmware via the GCS App.
  • Smart Fuse: Protects against overheating, overloading, and short-circuiting, ensuring reliability.


Supply Voltage Range 3.75-17 VDC
Rated Current 30 A
Current Consumption 27 mA
Low Power Mode 100 µA
Dimensions 47.2 mm x 28.9 mm x 14.5 mm
Weight 28.2 g
Operating Temperature Range min. -15° C, max. +50° C
Relative Humidity ≤ 80%

The GATE TITAN II represents a significant leap forward in airsoft technology, offering a blend of precision, control, and innovation. Its compatibility with the GATE Ecosystem, including smartwatch integration, positions it as a top-tier choice for both professional players and hobbyists seeking to elevate their airsoft experience. Whether it's for enhancing gameplay, improving response times, or enjoying a more immersive and controlled airsoft experience, the TITAN II stands as a testament to GATE's commitment to cutting-edge technology in the airsoft realm.

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Attention all GATE product purchasers

GATE offers direct-to-consumer warranty services.  It is fast and easy to use.  If you are having any problems with GATE products, you can contact GATE at: 

They will have deeper and better technical knowledge of their electronics and HPA systems than AEX… after all, they made the product!  Thank you for buying a GATE product from Airsoft Extreme!

Disclaimer: Please be advised that any parts installed by customers on their own are not covered under our warranty. If you choose to self-install, you assume the risk and liability of potentially damaging the item. For issues with your self-install, contact the manufacturer directly for warranty and support.

For GATE brand MOSFETs, refer to GATE's Help Page for additional guidance.

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