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Pro Arms SIG M17 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel, black




Pro Arms SIG M17 14mm CCW Threaded Outer Barrel, Black

The Pro Arms SIG M17 (P320) threaded outer barrel is a replacement for the existing outer barrel.  The inner barrel and hop-up unit are NOT included with this barrel.  This barrel is made from CNC machined aluminum and features integrated 14mm counterclockwise threads on the tip, allowing the addition of most common airsoft silencers, muzzle devices, and tracer units.

Installation of this outer barrel does require careful disassembly of the existing M17 barrel assembly and transfer of parts to the Pro Arms outer barrel.  A 1.5mm punch is necessary for removal of the existing hop-up unit travel pin and a dental pick for hooking/unhooking of the hop-up unit return spring.  Damage or loss of these parts will prevent the proper functioning of the pistol.

Once installed, the Pro Arms threaded barrel functions flawlessly, looks good, and allows you to customize your M17 pistol in a great variety of ways.

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