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Airsoft Masterpiece is known for the quality of their products and the Triangles Slide is no exception.
The Proforce M18 is a replica of the P320 compact pistol adopted by the US military.
The Tokyo Marui HI CAPA 5.1 Gold Match is their classiest gas blowback pistol to date!
- Super lightweight slide design
- New lower frame with integrated 20mm rail
- Red fiber front sight
High-end performance at a budget price! Perfect for beginners and as a backup gun!
- 320-340 fps with .20g bbs
- Metal V2 Gearbox
Airsoft Masterpiece Airsoft Masterpiece EDGE Custom RAZOR Standard Slide for Hi CAPA / 1911
Your enemies will never hear it coming with this truly suppressed MK23 pistol. The Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM is one of, if not the quietest green gas pistol on the market!
Still rocking a stock Hi Capa/1911 and you want to give it a facelift? Install an Airsoft Masterpiece slide that will give your handgun a fresh new look and make it more durable.
Airsoft Masterpiece AM EDGE SHIELD Standard HI CAPA Slide
Airsoft Masterpiece AM Infinity Formula Slide for Hi Capa 5.1
This barrel is a threaded barrel for the Elite Force Glock 17, allowing all sorts of attachments.
Airsoft Masterpiece EDGE Custom Aqua 5.1 Slide
Finally! A rifle that bridges the gap between AEG convenience, and the satisfying handling of GBBRs. Tokyo Marui is pioneering the next generation of AEGs with the HK416 Delta!
Customised Tokyo Marui Hi Capa at a great price!
Now shipping! SIG MPX submachine gun in a springer version! Get cutting edge looks in a fun and affordable package!
Showingof 3662 item(s)